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Research and Technology Partnerships


Faculty member Nicholas Vonortas has been appointed as a core faculty member the SPEC research program.

The UNICAMP Departamento de Política Científica e Tecnológica has established a new research and doctoral teaching program on innovation policy and innovation systems centered around a São Paulo Excellence Chair (SPEC). A novel funding instrument in the State of São Paulo, the new SPEC programme was established recently at DPCT by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP). It is established for five years, starting September 1, 2014, with the possibility of further extension.

This SPEC program aims at: (i) reinforcing research excellence on innovation policy and management at the University of Campinas; (ii) further internationalizing the work of DPCT; and (iii) placing UNICAMP among the top ranking academic units in the field on a global scale. The program has four areas of concentration: systems of innovation, program and policy appraisal and evaluation, strategic partnerships and networks, and knowledge-based entrepreneurship. Doctoral and post-doctoral training is a core part of the programme with several positions to be announced in its duration. All these positions are international aiming at attracting to UNICAMP strong talent from all over Brazil and abroad. The program promotes academic research, publications in refereed journals and books, grant and contract work, executive training, seminars and workshops, and public engagement in the form of advising to both governments and the private sector thus extending the already significant engagement of UNICAMP with both sectors. The SPEC program will also organize five international workshops and two conferences during its first five years.