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John Logsdon

Trump 'very interested in a man going to the moon,' says historian

December 28, 2016

Dr. John Logsdon discusses Trump's moon policy.



John Logsdon

All eyes on Trump for manned mission to Mars

December 16, 2016

Professor John Logsdon discusses Trump's space policy.




Scott pace

Why SpaceX is delaying its first human crewed flight

December 15, 2016

Professor Scott Pace discusses SpaceX.



John Logsdon

A Giant Telescope and Remembering John Glenn

December 13, 2016

Professor John Logsdon was interviewed about John Glenn's legacy.




Al Teich

Scientists Are Freaking Out About Rick Perry Heading The Energy Department

December 13, 2016

Professor Al Teich provides some insight into President Trump's latest cabinet pick.