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March for Science will take scientists’ activism to a new level

April 22, 2017

Professor Al Teich shared his thoughts on the March for Science.



Vacancies could lead to rare one-man rule at NRC

April 22, 2017

Professor Allison Macfarlane shares her thoughts on the confirmation of the NRC Commissioners.



Cody Knipfer

To Guarantee American Space Leadership, NASA Must Partner with Private Industry

March 31, 2017

Current Student, Cody Knipfer MA'18 wrote an article for Huffington Post on NASA privatization.


Laura Holgate

Cutting Funding to the IAEA Is a Horrible Idea

March 29, 2017

Distinguished Visting Scholar, Ambassador Laura Holgate wrote an article on Trump's plan to cut funding to the IAEA.

Matt Chessen

Artificial intelligence chatbots will overwhelm human speech online; the rise of MADCOMs

March 28, 2017

Visiting State Department Scholar, Matt Chessen wrote an essay for Medium on AI.

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