Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction

Cover: Innovation Policy
January 08, 2015

Nicholas S. Vonortas, Professor of Economics and International Affairs

Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction, Nicholas S. Vonortas, Phoebe C. Rouge, Anwar Aridi, Eds., Spring Publ., 2015.

This book provides a concise introduction to important aspects of contemporary innovation policy, with particular emphasis on its impact on economic growth and development. It addresses a non-specialist audience interested in quickly building background knowledge, getting familiar with the terminology, and understanding core concerns and debates in this area of policy. The book has its origins in a more extensive report to the World Bank prepared to impart background information to middle- and upper-level policy decision-makers and analysts as well as stakeholders from industry and universities from developing countries prior to engaging in intensive “how-to” policy training. Our audience also includes upper-level undergraduate and graduate students embarking on the study of innovation policy.