The GW Nuclear Security Policy Boot Camp

About the Boot Camp

The Institute for International Science and Technology Policy (IISTP) is proud to announce the 1st Annual GW Boot Camp on Nuclear Security Policy. Most students are Ph.D students at other universities such as University of Texas, UC Davis, Berkeley, and UNLV. This program is also open to students from non-affiliated universities. IISTP recommends that non-affiliated students should be pursuing/obtained a higher-ed degree (Master’s or Ph.D) and/or have a strong background in science and nuclear policy.

The Boot Camp will be about two-weeks long and provide for opportunities to network in Washington, D.C. with nuclear policy professionals. Students will attend lectures on a variety of nuclear security topics and visit several important sites related to nuclear security.

GW Nuclear Security Boot Camp 2019!

The 2019 GW Boot Camp on Nuclear Security Policy conference will take place June 9-June 21, 2019. Please check back for more information.

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