Capstone Papers

Student Capstone Papers


"Past and Future: An Analysis of the FAA Commercial Space Transportation Forecasts." 

Nathan Boll, Michael Sloan, and Erika Solem

"Spectrum Allocation Policy."

Ryan Green, Ekaterina Khvostova, Moon Kim, Etim Offiong

"The Impact of Small Satellites on U.S. National Space Architecture."   

Elsie Bjarnason, Tara Halt, Natalie Kauppi, Chase Tralka

"Regulatory Studies Center."

Daniel X. Kim and Cindy Huang


"Citizen Science as a Tool for Expanding Environmental Capabilities of the Convention on Biological Diversity." 

Robert D. McNamara

"A Comprehensive Policy Proposal for the Cybersecurity of Electronic Health Records."                                                                                                                                                                   

Tanner Allen, Cynthia Florentino, Katiria Ortiz

"Russian and Chinese ASAT Capabilities in Geosynchronous Earth."                                                                                                               

Ari Kattan, Tasia Paraskevopoulous, Brian Rose, and Maya Sharma

"Policy Recommendations to Address the Challenges Posed by Small Satellite Production."                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Kate McGinnis, Devin Ostig, Kentaro Tanaka, William West

"Creating U.S. Korea Partnership in Innovation and Entrepreneurship."                                                                                       

Ryan Sunhak Cho


"An Integrated Policy Framework for a Capabilities-Driven Approach to Human Spaceflight"
Nokolai Jospeh, Tom Chinick, Trent Schindler, and Jordan Sotudeh

"Adapting to Automation"
Jack Karsten, David Parkes, and Gardner Swan

"Key Policies to Success of NASA's Commercial Crew Program"
Mia Brown, Zach Hester, and Raphael Perrino

"Strategy for a Modern Russian Remote Sensing Industry"
Antonina Gromyko, Brittany Balcom, Ryan Jungdahl, and Hoi Yan Wai

"Analysis, Learning, and Foresight for Assessment and Leadership in Food and Agriculture"
Emerson Elek French

"Improving Training for Collaborative Innovation"
Jonathan Berliner, Alex Pan, Rotsy Razafimanantoanina, and Katlyn Scholl

"United States Legal and Policy Impediments to On-Orbit Satellite Servicing Activities, with Recommended Policies and Legal Implementations"
Dave Belcher, Scott Freese, Katrina Laygo, and Daniel Osborn

"University Collaboration at Sandia National Laboratories: Policy Proposal for the Laboratory Fellows Program"
Tim Arnold, Linda George, and Christina Walrond


"Biosecurity at iGEM; Ensuring the Secure Advancement of Synthetic Biology by the Next Generation"
Michelle Cann, James Kettenhofen, and Rosanna Smith

"Commercial Alternatives to Traditional NOAA Satellite Data Procurement"
Samantha Marquart, Koichi Masuda, and Anthony Campo

"Improving Space Situational Awareness"
Travis Cottom, Joel Hicks, Michael Lapidus, and Brian Weeden

"Innovation Policy Strategy: Brazil, Kazakhstan, & Mexico"
Michael Bush, Stefania Di Mauro-Nava, and Jeffrey Lin

"Public Policy Strategy for the IEEE Computer Society"
Pedro A. Falto and Eduardo Sastre Fuente

"Assessing the Value of Loan Guarantees as an Instrument for Supporting the Deployment of New Clean Energy Technology"
Benjamin Boroughs, Steven Deitz, Daniel Waggoner, Timothy Williams

"US Army Information Technology Management"
Steve Casazza, Shanna Hendrix, Daryl Lederle, and Eric Rouge

"Analyzing the Development Paths of Emerging Spacefaring Nations Opportunities or Challenges for Space Sustainability?"
M. Ansdell, L. Delgado, D. Hendrickson

"CubeSat Programs for Developing Nations"
Connie Spittler, Fuad Guliyev, Jason Callahan

"Industrial Growth Plus Rural Development"
Patrick Besha, Alejandro Caceres, Anne Mira-Guha, Eli Sipos

"Measuring the Impact of EU Federal Scientific Investments"
Rafif Al-Sayed, Geetu Ambwani, Debbie Hughes, Kevin Porter

"Smart Transitions"
George Ivanov, Kristen Epresi, Cheri Pascoe, Matthew Isakowitz

"Synthetic Aperture Radar Applications"
Nick Austin, Nicole Herrmann, Noëlle Miliard

For more information, check out this video by former student Michael Bush on the capstone experiance.