Center for International Science and Technology Policy Alumni

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Alumni Profiles

Class of 1971

Class of 1972


Class of 1973

 Peter R. Bankson
Organization: Retired
Position: Volunteer

Class of 1974


Class of 1975


Class of 1976

Marshall N. Carter
Organization: State Street Bank and Trust Company, Boston and New York Stock Exchange
Position: Chairman and CEO, 1991-2013

Class of 1977

Roslyn Dauber
Position: Documentary Producer/Writer
Organization: Dauber Film Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Len Simon
Organization: Simon and Company, Inc.


Class of 1978



Class of 1979


















Class of 1980


Class of 1981


Class of 1982


Class of 1983


Martin Burt, PhD
Organization: Fundación Paraguaya
Position: Founder & CEO


Class of 1984



Class of 1985

Dea Mazzetta Zimmerman
Organization: US Environmental Protection Agency
Position: Environmental Protection Specialist


Class of 1986


Class of 1987

Nevin House
Position: Database/Web Programmer


Class of 1988

Kevin Finneran
Position: Editor-in-chief, Issues in Science and Technology
Organization: National Academy of Sciences


Class of 1989




Class of 1990


Class of 1991

Brian Harvey
Organization: BA Associates
Position: Tech consult


Max Nelson

Organization: Life & Specialty Ventures, LLC
Position: Director, Market Intelligence


Class of 1992




Class of 1993

George Tahu
Organization: NASA Headquarters
Position: Program Executive


Class of 1994

Rob Usher
Organization: Ernst & Young
Position: Associate Director


Class of 1995

Kei Koizumi

Organization:  White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
Position:  Assistant Director for Federal R&D


Class of 1996



Class of 1997

Hung-bin Ding
Organization: Loyola University Maryland
Position: Associate Professor


Scott Larrimore
Organization: Larrimore Solutions (Former organizations: USAF.  retried as a Colonel).
Position: Owner


Annalisa Weigel
Organization: Fairmont Consulting Group
Position: Director


Class of 1998

Garth Henning
Organization: NASA Headquarters
Position: Program Executive for the Orion Spacecraft


Class of 1999

Brent Yacobucci
Organization: Congressional Research Service
Position: Energy & Minerals Research Manager



Class of 2000

Russ Acker
Organization: University of California, Berkeley
Position: Senior Principal Institutional Research Analyst

Dwayne A. Day
Organization:  Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Position: Senior Program Officer
Ph.D. 2000


Breton Johnson
Organization: Center for the Commercialization of Innovative Transportation Technology, Northwestern University
Position: Director

Amy (Snyder) Kaminski
Organization: NASA
Position: Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Chief Scientist


Class of 2001

Holly Degn
Organization: NASA
Position: Senior Program Analyst

Brian Jackson
Organization: RAND Corporation
Position: Senior Physical Scientist

Peter Stahl
Organization: Oracle Corporation
Position: Senior Director: Global Risk Management, Federal Programs

Michelle K. Treistman
Organization U.S. Government Accountability Office
Position Senior Analyst


Class of 2002



Class of 2003

Jonathan Krezel
Organization: NASA Headquarters, Exploration Systems Development
Position: Enterprise Integration Manager

Rachel Mueller
Organization: U.S. Department of State
Position: Foreign Service Officer


Class of 2004



Class of 2005

Michael Ehst
Organization: The World Bank
Position: Senior Private Sector Specialist


Evan Michelson
Organization: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Position: Program Director


Class of 2006

Christina Drummond
Organization: Educopia Institute
Position: Director of Strategic Initiatives

Daphne Huber
Organization: NASA
Position: Appropriations Liaison 

Nicolas Peter
Organization: German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Position: Head of International Affairs

Whitney Tull
Organization: Zimmer Biomet
Position: Senior Director of Government Affairs


Class of 2007



Class of 2008




Class of 2009

Stephanie Bednarek
Organization: SpaceX
Position: Account Manager, Commercial Sales


Christopher Johnson
Organization: Bank of the West
Position: VP, Community Affairs

 Matthew Karlesky
Organization:  Suffolk University
Position:  Assistant Professor of Management & Entrepreneurship

Emma Hinds Lehnhardt (née Emma Snydal Hinds)

Organization: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Position: Budget Formulation Lead

 Vid Nukala, PhD. MA.

Organization:     U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), U.S. Embassy - New Delhi, India
Position:            Senior Advisor - Biomedical Science & Technology and Public Health, Office of Global Affairs (OGA) 

Amanda (Lilley) Rose
Organization: The Global Knowledge Initiative
Position: Senior Program Officer

Class of 2010

 Anwar Aridi
Organization: World Bank Group
Position: Innovation Specialist

Andrew Clark
Organization: Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Issues, U.S. Department of State
Position: Policy Analyst


Class of 2011

Megan Ansdell
Organization: Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
Position: PhD Candidate


Dan Hendrickson
Organization: Astrobotic
Position: Vice President of Business Development


 Laura Delgado López
Organization: Harris Corporation
Position:  Corporate Partnerships & International Strategic Account Manager

Ian Steff
Organization: State of Indiana
Position: Chief Innovation Officer

Class of 2012

Benjamin Boroughs
Organization: North American Millers' Association
Position: Director of Regulatory and Technical Affairs

Steven Deitz
Organization: SRI International
Position: Senior Research Analyst


Phoebe Rouge
Organization: Federal Trade Commission
Position: Technologist


Class of 2013

Anthony R. Campo
Organization: CenterLink
Position: Outreach Manager, LGBT HealthLink


Michelle Cann
Organization: Partnership for Global Security
Position: Director of Operations and Projects


Stefania Di Mauro-Nava
Organization: British Consulate-General, San Francisco
Position: Science & Innovation Officer


Mizel Djukic
Organization: Rize (
Position: Co-Founder & Head of Growth


Michael Lapidus
Organization: SpaceX
Position: Manager, Government Affairs


Rosanna Smith
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Integration and Test Engineer

Nick Uchalik

Organization: Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Congressional and Legislative Relations
Position: Congressional Relations Officer


Class of 2014

David Belcher
Organization: Avascent
Position: Analysis Manager


Christina Walrond
Organization: Potomac Communications Group
Position: Project Manager


Class of 2015

Brittany Balcom
Organization: NanoRacks
Position: Internal Payloads Coordinator


David Parkes
Organization: American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Position: Senior Project Coordinator - R&D Budget and Policy Program


Class of 2016

Katiria Ortiz
Organization: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
Position: Research Associate