About Us

Through major international conferences and seminars, the Institute for International Science and Technology Policy (IISTP) facilitates and inspires collaboration among scientists, policy experts, government and industry leaders on science and technology related issues. The Institute collaborates with international governmental research institutes and agencies on advances in scientific and technological policy making.

The Institute conducts cutting-edge research on the policy issues that affect science and technology around the world. The Institute faculty, who teach the M.A. program in International Science and Technology Policy, bring the theories and methods of this research to students who will use these ideas to shape future policies and plans here and abroad. The Institute also provides a vehicle for international scholars to bring their ideas to Washington, D.C.

IISTP is widely recognized for the following major areas of research and graduate instruction:

Science, Technology, and Innovation Public Policy

The IISTP focuses on the policy implications of scientific advances and technological development, innovations, especially comparative analyses across countries and regions. The IISTP’s faculty members have been prominent in applying new theories, such as the science of complexity and the analysis of national innovation systems, to innovation policymaking and problems of economic growth and development. The Institute also houses the research journal Science and Public Policy.

Technology & Industry Dynamics

A key area of the Institute research concerns connections between technological advance and industrial structure, tension between cooperation and competition, and relationships among private companies, research universities, governments, and other technological institutions. The latter area includes the study of strategic alliances and networks.

Information Technology

The Institute researchers study the development of information technologies and their impacts on political decisions and the practice of international affairs.

Evaluation of Research & Development Programs

The Institute faculty members are international leaders on the methods and application of R&D program evaluation in the United States, Europe and Asia.